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Newsletter May 2021

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

RATS One plot at the town end has had a rat problem which has involved a local contractor cleaning out a nest in a shed. The advice copied below should help you reduce the chance of you having rat problems. BONFIRES After the last big burn at the end of April we can’t have a bonfire again until October (Council Rules). If you do have any wood that won’t compost (prunings of fruit bushes, apple trees, rotten pallets, etc) please put it in the bay at the right-hand end of the four bays we've constructed at the garage end of the site. The wood will dry out over the summer ready for our next blaze. WORK PARTY The clubhouse roof is wearing very thin in places so its time to reroof it. Nigel is organising buying the materials for a reroofing session when the weather looks appropriate. Details of our next working party will be emailed out a few days ahead of the time. We also want to clear up the nearby area from stones and old shed debris. PLANT SALE The Abbey Theatre is holding a fund-raising plant sale next Sunday 24th May outside the theatre at Westminster Lodge from 11 am. There will be flowers and veg at very competitive prices.


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