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Collectively Managing our Green Waste

FLAG members have now established compost bays at both ends of the Folly Lane site. There is also a wood holding bay - now full - the contents of which will be burnt when we next have a site bonfire.

The bays are filling up fast with good compostable material but also with items that will not break down easily.

So please do not add branches, brambles or prunings to any of the heaps but either burn these items on your own plots or keep them until we have our next FLAG bonfire (planned for mid-April).

We hope to have our first usable compost ready this Autumn. See the photos below for more information about the compost bays.

Garage End

Bay 1 - Bonfire wood

Bay 2 - Covered & Composting

Bay 3 - GREEN waste here

Bay 4 - Unusable until cleared

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