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Bird Survey at Folly Field

A survey of birds was carried out on the allotment site on Saturday 27th January 2024. We did this at dawn. It was a wonderful experience watching the birds wake on a cool but sunny morning. The pigeons warmed themselves in the oak tree by plot 40 each jostling for the sunniest position. 

As the sun became warmer the sparrows and starlings came into their favourite roost for a gossip by plot 9W and the redwings gorged on the ivy berries near plot 45S.

Many of the other usual contenders were there, some too well hidden so only heard and others just flew past or preferred the gardens nearby.

Click on the link below to open a full copy of our Bird Survey.

bird survey 2024
Download PDF • 117KB

Gabriel Roberts, a very knowledgeable birder, kindly joined us to help and share his knowledge. He confirmed that it would be a great idea to put up small bird boxes as there are so few natural nesting sites for hole nesting birds nowadays.

We have therefore created 17 bird boxes, cut by Bob from gravel boards and assembled at the working party held on Saturday morning, 24 February. Thank you to all those who joined us to build these boxes. We will be putting up the boxes around the site over the next week. If one turns up on your plot and you would rather it wasn’t there then please email me, Liz Leicester ( and I will happily relocate it.

Our next project, is to build and hang bat boxes. We are seeking advice about this project currently from the Herts and Middlesex Bat Group before we proceed. 

Liz (plot 31W)

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