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Communal Compost - Update March 2024

Lots of lovely compost was sifted and shifted recently when Jim (plot 41) brought his digger on-site to help allotmenters load up their wheel barrows with freshly dug material ready for spreading on plots.

The Town End bays have been reconfigured. We currently have 4 bays and have allocated bay 1 for wood and non-compostable prunings with bay 2 for compostable material only. This will avoid our current problem of woody material in our compost.

Bay 3 is now full, covered and composting. Bay 4 is ready to be used. There is also an overflow of compost ready for use on the left of bay 4. Please use that up before bay 4.

The Garage End bays will shortly be refurbished as several pallet dividing walls need rebuilding.

Brian (plot 22N)

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