Tool Loans

From strimmers to mowers to rotavators, we have a range of tools our members can borrow

Lawn Mower

How to borrow our tools

Brian Songhurst & Joe Horner look after the tools in the site's steel shed and organise repairs as needed. FLAG owns mowers, strimmers and light duty tillers. Any FLAG member can use them.

When using any of the machines please use the correct fuel - straight petrol or 2-stroke as marked on the machines. Straight petrol in a 2-stroke will cause the engine to seize. Fuel is normally available in red cans for 2-stroke and green cans for 4-stroke. Also please wear safety glasses and suitable clothing e.g. the strimmers can flick stones.

For your first time please email Brian or Joe who will provide access and explain the equipment to you.

For subsequent uses then please contact one of the key holders as per the phone list below.


Brian and Joe ask "If anything goes wrong with a tool, do let one of us know and we can get something done about it. Please don’t just leave it for someone else to find out!"


Steel shed key holders:


Brian Songhurst (22N)        07914 145293

Joe Horner (45S)                 07713 687878

Michael Waddy (55S)         07975 698424

Richard Cloutman (32)       07790 343909

Bob Grover (57)                   01727 861028