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Tool Loans

We have a range of tools our members can borrow

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How to borrow our tools

Brian Songhurst [plot 22N] & Joe Horner [plot 45S] look after the site tools and organise repairs as needed. FLAG owns mowers and strimmers. Any FLAG member can use them.

When using any of the machines please use the correct fuel - straight petrol or 2-stroke as marked on the machines. Using straight petrol in a 2-stroke will cause the engine to seize. Fuel is normally available in red cans for 2-stroke and green cans for 4-stroke.


Also please wear safety glasses and suitable clothing e.g. the strimmers can flick stones.

For your first time please email Brian or Joe who will provide access and explain the equipment to you.

For subsequent uses then please contact one of the key holders as per the phone list below.


Brian and Joe ask "If anything goes wrong with a tool, do let one of us know and we can get something done about it. Please don’t just leave it for someone else to find out!"


Key holders:


Brian Songhurst (22N)        07914 145293

Joe Horner (45S)                 07713 687878

Michael Waddy (55S)         07975 698424

Richard Cloutman (32)       07790 343909

Bob Grover (57)                   01727 861028

Please use the FLAG petrol-driven tools carefully.


If you do break one or can’t get it working please contact Brian [plot 22N] or one of the key holders. We don’t criticize but we need to know so we can get them working again and help you use them more effectively.

We have 3 mowers. They all have 4-stroke engines and use straight petrol from the green can.

  • After use please empty the collection box and clear the underneath and cut grass hole that feeds the box with a stick - do not put your hands inside the blade area. A brush is provided in the shed.

  • Please don't refill the mowers after use as the petrol evaporates a bit and makes starting harder.

  • If you do kindly refill a green can buy premium grade petrol as regular has 10% ethanol which does not store well and causes difficult starting.

  • Please also use the mowers on a high setting on our rough ground to save damaging the blade when hitting the high spots. If you have rough grass to clear use the brush cutter.

We have 3 strimmers – one Honda 4-stroke and two 2- strokes, a Maruyama and an efco.


We recommend using the 4-stroke Honda strimmer which starts more easily and uses straight petrol  from the green can. (same as the lawn mowers).

The 2-strokes use Aspen 2 a synthetic 2-stroke fuel which avoids the use of 2-stroke oil in a normal mix which separates out clogging the carburettor jets and causing starting problems.

The Honda has a pre-loaded Universal head. To extend the strimmer line slacken the centre screw (clockwise) and pull out the line.

The 2-stokes have bump heads – preloaded line which extends by tapping the head on the ground. All strimmers use 2.4mm line. Please do not thicker line as it overloads the engine.

Do not vigorously pull the starter cord the full length as it can jam the recoil mechanism – just half to two thirds.


When finished please remove any grass or string etc that has would around the head and give a brush down. A brush is in the shed.

  • Please contact Brian [plot 22N] if the red can is empty before mixing anymore two stroke fuel. It is vital you use the premium grade 2-stroke oil stored in the shed and definitely not engine oil which will clog the carburetor.

  • Do not fill the strimmer tank after use. The petrol will partially evaporate increasing the oil concentration and make starting difficult next time.

  • Please use the brush cutter (solid blade) for heavy strimming on clumps of grass, brambles, thick weeds and brush.

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