Tool Loans

From strimmers to mowers to rotavators, we have a range of tools our members can borrow

How to borrow our tools

Brian Songhurst looks after the tools in the site's steel shed and organises repairs as needed. F.L.A.G. owns mowers, strimmers and light duty tillers. Any FLAG member can use them.

When using any of the machines please use the correct fuel - straight petrol or 2-stroke as marked on the machines. Straight petrol in a 2-stroke will cause the engine to seize. Fuel is normally available in red cans for 2-stroke and green cans for petrol.


Brian asks "If anything goes wrong with a tool, do let me know and I can get something done about it. Don’t just leave it for someone else to find out!"


To reserve a tool and borrow a key for the tool shed, please email Brian.

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