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Rewilding & Pollinators

We are cultivating rewilding areas & pollinator patches around the Folly Lane site.

Polly patch pic1.jpg

Pollinator Patch

The first Pollinator Patch was sown with a wide variety of seeds in spring 2021. Some toadflax, lavender, teasel and campion plants were then transplanted to give the plot a head start. Thanks to all who contributed seeds and plants. We also transplanted other varieties later in the year when gaps in the ground cover become obvious.


First to germinate were surprising amounts of sycamore seeds that blew into the soil over the years, and which were not removed completely by the several hoeings and rankings over the winter 2020/2021. Those that survived were hand pulled, once it is clear where it is safe to tread.

UPDATE July 2022


Since last year's photos of the first and largest pollinator patch, we have started a few smaller ones around the allotments.  The second drought spring in a row has determined what has done well and what has not.  As expected, there are new species flourishing that did not last year.  Most importantly, there seem to be more insects than last year - but maybe I'm just willing it to be so.


Nigel Gale [5W]

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