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What is the FLAG BioBlitz

The results for 2023 are provided in the downloadable .pdf file.

Folly Lane Allotment BioBlitz 2023
Download PDF • 3.59MB


The Folly Lane Allotment Group decided at their AGM in January 2023 to encourage the promotion of biodiversity on the site. It was agreed that we should assess the current biodiversity and so a rolling BioBlitz was organised.

There will be further surveys in 2024 of other sectors of wildlife on the site so that we can broaden the picture of what we have. 

Ways you can help with this on going project:

  1. Is there anyone who is recording wildlife or climate data on their plot on a regular basis? Would you be prepared to share this information?

  2. If you see wildlife of interest it would be great to collect such information. I know plot holders have seen lesser stag beetles, newts, toads etc. It would be very useful to have a record with the following details: location, date, identifying photo, name, reporter’s name. 

  3. Join the surveys where you can. The more people we have the evidence we can collect. 

  4. Join the allotment WhatsApp group to ease reporting by sending your mobile number to the WhatsApp administrator - still being set-up.

If you have any queries please contact Liz Leicester

on 07962 426194 or


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