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Managing our Green Waste

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

We have a number of areas around our Folly Field site where green waste gets deposited. The various piles are becoming unmanageable as they are either spreading around the base of an ancient oak tree, thereby damaging its trunk, or causing problems for Folly Lane residents by damaging their fences. The largest pile at the lower (garage) end of the site also frequently spills across the roadway restricting access and reducing parking space.

We (Brian [22], Richard [32], Jim [41]) have been constructing two compost areas

using reclaimed pallets. The aim being; to manage our green waste more efficiently and provide reusable topsoil once all the green stuff has rotted down. This might be a slower process than a smaller, plot based heap but will stop good soil going to waste.

So please put any weeds, grass turfs, old compost, vegetable plants dug up at the end of their season, etc in one of the bays at either end of the site. One bay can be found near the boundary with Oster Street & Thornton Street whilst the other is to the right of the large waste pile near the lower (garage) entrance to the site.

If you have put any green waste on one of the heaps recently then please consider shifting it into the new bays.

All non-compostable waste should be taken home and put in your own bins.

We have tried to sort the ever growing pile of rubbish near the lower gate into builders bags (plastic, general rubbish and metal). We have managed to get someone to take the scrap metal but the remaining rubbish is proving very difficult to get moved off-site.

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