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FLAG Autumn Newsletter 2023

As the harvesting settles down and the weeds keep growing, we want to do the best for our site and our soil quality. FLAG is a member of the Joint Allotment Group which combines all St Albans’ sites to work together on common interests. This has primarily involved working with the Council on site matters but it is now expanding to the general improvment of our relationships with Nature, both within our sites and across the town. More details on this soon. Soil Coverage Overwinter. If you can, don’t leave empty soil uncovered all winter or some goodness will be leached out by the rains. We have some winter Green Manure seeds in the club house: Field beans, Grazing rye and White mustard. Any of this can be sown now to give some green cover to your soil and then be cut down or dug in after the winter. Mulching cleared soil does the same, we have loads of last year’s leaves, the oldest of the wood chippings, the compost from the bank and three bays at the lower, garage end of the site or from the bays at the upper, town end. Any of these will keep your soil covered, especially with cardboard on top. We hope for lorryloads of new leaves later on as well. Our website has a lot more on this topic. Bonfire. FLAG does not want to burn anything that can be composted. However some things have to be done.We plan to burn the contents of the scap wood bay on Saturday 14th October. We will build the pile starting at 11 then burn it at 12. Come and enjoy the (rare) blaze!

Kings Seed Orders. The 2024 catalogue is in the clubhouse – remember to take a green page to write your order, or do it online. Kings seeds are much cheaper than other suppliers (and cheaper than if you get a catalogue from them direct). When you complete your order form you will need to write 'FLAG St Albans' as the Association Name. Please note: we have reduced the number of catalogues requested from the National Allotment Society as previously many copies were left unused. An electronic version of the catalogue and order form are available. Click the following direct links to the Kings Seed Scheme Catalogue and the order form. Food Bank Collections. We have taken several trays every week for nearly six months now to the local food bank. We will stop these soon but please share any surplus you still have. Thanks for all your contributions, they are really appreciated by their clients. Bob Grover (Chair)

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