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Spring Newsletter- 2020

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Bonfire– Not for the present – we don’t want to risk having a Fire Brigade call-out or having problems with adjacent houses. We will have to leave it until circumstances change.

Seed swap (and spare plants). The table by the steel shed is the place to share useful stuff that someone else could use. There are some plastic pots there, more can be provided when these all go. Spare Seeds are welcome, those half packets that ought to be used up this year.

The green wastearound the oak tree at the east end of the site has been cleared to preserve the tree. Can members in that area please place their green waste lower down the site adjacent to the fence at the east boundary behind the sign. Thank you. Brian (plot 22) is building some fencing to protect the tree and define the green waste area.

Managing our waste heaps- Jim (plot 41 ) has  been using his digger to clear the main entrance area green pile away from the roadway. Do throw your green stuff to the back of the pile. Thanks enormously to Jim and his machinery!

All this clearing has revealed lots of well rotted compost that you can take and put straight onto your plot as a mulch or top dressing. If you put it through a riddle or even a supermarket basket it will get most of the big stones etc out, these can go direct onto the roadway for when it rains again.

Recycling Rubbish- There are some builders bags near the bonfire area. We have sorted the contents into plastic (recyclable) and non-compostable/non-recyclable stuff. There is also a Metals pile although most has already been taken away for recycling. We will ask the council to take it away in due course.

Demonstration Composting Area- the aim is to create a communal composting area to the right of the large waste pile, near the wood chip pile. We will be building this over the next few weeks using the pallets that are already deposited there.So please do not take these for your own use.Anyone who has some spare pallets, then we'd love some more.

FLAG website– our new and colourful site is up and running. Many thanks to all the hard work by Becky (plot 39W) to get the site established. Please have a look and suggest enhancements.

Folly Lane Instagram page@follylaneallotments , is a collection of photos from around the site which feeds through to the front page of the website. Please follow us on Instagram and tag @follylaneallotments in any of your photos from the site, whatever you’re sowing and growing or working on we’d love to see it and we’ll reshare them on our feed.

And Do Keep the gates shut behind you.

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