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Anne Macdonald has retired from being Site Secretary after many years’ service – Thanks Anne from all plotholders.

So if you have any site issues, please talk to Nigel [plot 5W] or any committee member when you see us on site.

Lots of seed packets have been donated – look in the clubhouse. Please take what you can use – late planting is usually pretty successful; most seeds will catch up.

Spare Plants donations - by the steel shed please. If you put a large number out, we can issue a quick note to make sure they don’t risk drying out.

Compost from the big bays. There are two heaps, one at the town end of the site whilst the other is at the garage end, which are ready now for top dressing and mulching e.g. to help earth up potatoes. Use the coarse riddles situated next to either of the compost ready piles. Push your barrow underneath, or use a supermarket basket, and throw the rejected stones onto the pathway. We intend to install some new signs to make it easier to identify which pile to use next. More details and photos further down this page.

Barbecue – Not This Year. There are so many street parties etc going on already. However we intend to try again next year……

Use the FLAG petrol-driven tools carefully! if you do break one, can’t get it working, or need to mix some more two-stroke fuel in the red can then please contact Brian [plot 22N]on 07914 145293 or one of the tool team. We don’t criticize but we need to know so we can get them working again and help you use them more effectively.

We have 3 mowers and they all have 4-stroke engines and use straight petrol (green can). If you do kindly fill a green can please use premium grade as the regular has 10% ethanol which does not work so well. Please don't refill the mowers after use as the petrol evaporates a bit and makes starting harder. After use please empty the collection box and clear the underneath and cut grass hole that feeds the box with a stick - do not put your hands inside the blade area.

We also have 4 strimmers and recommend using the 4-stroke Honda which starts more easily and uses straight petrol (green can). The Ryobis are 2-stroke and use a 40:1 mix which is stored in the red can. Please contact Brian if the red can is empty before mixing anymore two stroke fuel. It is vital you use the premium grade 2-stroke oil in the shed and definitely not engine oil which will clog the carburetor. Again please do not fill the strimmer tank after use, as mentioned above it will partially evaporate increasing the oil concentration and make starting difficult. Please use the brush cutter (blade) attachment on the Ryobi for heavy grass, weeds and brush. The 2 tillers have not been commissioned yet.

Logs on plot 56S. These were left after the Folly Lane garden work. Please take any you can use; they do need drying out for two years but they will burn in due course. They are easier to cut up while they are new!

Dogs on site - please keep your dog on a lead when visiting our site. This week a dog was seen chasing the fox around. So please be mindful of others, both human and animal.

The compost piles that are ready for sieving and spreading on your plots are beside the riddles installed at either set of bays. Please do not add anymore green waste to the piles that are covered as these will be the ones rotting down for use in the autumn. Also, do not add large lumps of wood, root stumps or brambles to the heaps as these will not compost quickly. These can be placed on the wood pile at the garage end of the site for our next communal bonfire. Do throw your green waste as far back as you can on the heap, if you simply dump it at the front of the pile someone else has to push it back onto the pile. Finally, a big THANK YOU to Jim and his efforts with his digger last week. Jim has also cleared pathways through to the original 'compost mountain' and leaf piles at the garage end of the site.

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