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FLAG Machinery Update

I am pleased to say that all the equipment we have stored on-site in the metal shed is now working and available once again for FLAG members to borrow for use on their plots. I wish to make a few points:

  • It took 6 weeks and £50 to get the smaller EFCO mower repaired. If you see anything coming loose on any of the machines please stop using the item, collect the bits and let me know.

  • Our machines are domestic and not good for rough ground. I have set all the cutting heights to maximum to stop them bottoming out and causing impact damage.

  • If you are using the self-propelled mowers on wet grass please note the grass can get stuck in the slot connecting to the grass-box and jam the drive mechanism and stall the engine. Please keep an eye on the hole and clear any stick grass. Ensure the engine is stopped.

  • For strimming I recommend the use of the Honda 4 stroke strimmer as it is much lighter and easier to start when compared to the 2-stroke Ryobi’s. Remember green can (straight petrol) for the Honda.

  • The Honda does not have a strimmer line feeder. It uses cut lengths of the heavy-duty red line. I have pre-cut some lengths – just unscrew the hub and feed it through halfway and tighten it firmly.

  • The 2-stroke strimmers are a pain to start but please do not lose your temper with them and break the starter cord. It is a poor design and needs a major strip down to replace the cord.

  • If any equipment stops working and you are unable to fix it easily ( e.g. cutter blade jammed with grass, strimmer line runs out, fuel top-up) then please inform one of the equipment team, see below.

If you need any help with the equipment please call me or Joe.

Brian 0791 4145293

Joe 0771 3687878

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