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Pollinator Patch update (March 2021)

The Pollinator Patch was sown with a wide variety of seeds over the past few weeks. Some toadflax, lavender, teasel and campion plants have been transplanted to give the plot a head start. Thanks to all who contributed seeds and plants. We also have promises of other plants to transplant later in the year, when gaps in the ground cover become obvious.

First to germinate have been surprising amounts of sycamore seeds that blew into the soil over the years, and which were not removed completely by the several hoeings and rankings over the winter. Those which survive the next few weeks will have to be hand pulled, once it is clear where it is safe to tread.

Masses of tiny seedlings are showing now, so please don't walk on the plot at all. Unfortunately pigeons have noticed the banquet but there should be enough left for pollinators to enjoy in a couple of months. And as your allotments get sprouting, there should be better feed for the pigeons elsewhere than on the Pollinator Plot.

Nigel Gale [5W]

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