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STAKE 2: Encouraging Wildlife

Updated: Apr 6

August 20th 2023.

At this STAKE session we visited Malcolm's butterfly, moth, insect and general wildlife friendly plot.

Much of Malcolm’s advice is covered in his FLAG blog entry on the subject under labelled as the butterflies of Folly Lane.

Posted in Jan 2023 its well worth a look.

The following are very usefull web sites:-

Wild Spaces has some specific advice for allotments and features Folly Lane as a case study Let's Create Wild Spaces - Wild Spaces (

The Wildlife Trusts have a good range of advice including ponds Wildlife gardening

RSPB have some good planting advice Planning a wildlife garden design (

NSALG have a wildlife section Wildlife and allotments – National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Ltd (

RHS is also good for Garden wildlife

Butterfly Conservation have a section on encouraging garden butterflies and moths (

But if the web sites don’t help Nigel, Liz, or Malcolm are FLAG wildlife champions.

Malcolm in particular is also happy to be contacted on specific queries

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