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National Allotment Society news

One of the benefits we all enjoy through our membership of FLAG is access to the resources of the National Allotment Society. Their website at contains lots of useful information which we plan to highlight over the year ahead starting with the following two new items.

Home and Allotment insurance from Chris Knott Insurance [through whom FLAG obtains our existing third party liability insurance] which combines your home’s Building and Contents Insurance with additional Allotment Insurance.

There are two tiers of cover - Premier and Premium – offering Theft, loss and damage cover for domestic gardening equipment stored on your allotment including wheelbarrows, lawnmowers and chainsaws

  • Up to £500 cover for each incident of loss or damage less an excess of only £25 for gardening equipment

  • Ongoing support and claims assistance.

10% off Natural Grower’s range of liquid fertiliser, compost, plant feed and soil conditioner.

Their range of liquid fertiliser, compost, plant feed and soil conditioner are all suitable for outdoor and indoor plants and are approved by the Soil Association, Biodynamic Association, and the Vegan Society.

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