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Free Compost

Enhanced Compost Sieve and Wheelbarrow Drive-through

We reported in the recent newsletter that the communal compost in Bay 1 at the garage end of the site was now ready for everyone to take and use on their plots.

Our intrepid design and build team (Nigel, Bob and Richard) have been working on a sifting device to separate stones and twigs from the excellent top soil and humus that can now be delivered straight to your wheelbarrow.

As you can see from the photos below;

  1. Park your barrow under the sieve and shovel compost though.

  2. Please throw all stones and twigs onto the roadway.

  3. Remember to recover the compost pile before you leave.

  4. The earth under the covers is dry at the moment and therefore easy to shovel. Let's keep it that way.

If you would like some help with the sieving and shifting then email or speak to one of the committee.

Finally, we aim to clear bay 1 by the end of September so that Jim can bring his digger on site to turn the material in bays 2 and 3.

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