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Keep your soil covered for the Winter.


Keep your soil covered for the Winter.

A good dressing of the FREE compost from the second bay would provide a base and improve the soil to start with.

If you don’t have overwintering vegetables already planned (onions, garlic, brassicas, leeks, ….) you can put in a green manure which will suppress weeds and stop goodness leaching away under winter rains, then will improve the soil as it rots down or is dug in in the Spring. There are some pots of rye, field beans (like broad beans but NOT for eating) and there will be soon some mustard and white clover in the clubhouse, provided by FLAG funds (or from seeds collected by Nigel and Bob). Please take what you need from these pots – you do not need very much to cover a bed or two!

Kings Seeds has lots of others in small size packets. (Phacelia works well on several of our plots.)

Failing that, use cardboard! It is free, it is a good weed suppresser and it rots down well.